Articles the vs. Practice 3

used before plural countries/bodies of water/mountain chains/islandsbefore non-plural countries/bodies of water/mountain chains/islands
He is from the United States.He is from Canada.
He has visited the Great Lakes.He lives near Lake Ontario.
He has gone hiking in the Rockies.He's going to climb Mt. Everest next year.
used before university names with "of"before universities without "of" in their names
He went to the University of Ottawa.She went to Carleton University.
used with the names of trains and shipsbefore cities, towns, and provinces/states, and continents
He rode the Orient Express last year.He's from Toronto, Ontario.
His ancestors came over on the Mayflower.He's leaving for Europe next month.
used with musical instrumentsbefore streets
I can play the flute.Ted lives on Main Street.
used before rivers, oceans, points on the globe, geographical areas, deserts, forests, and gulfs.
She travelled down the Nile once.
Santa lives in the North Pole.
I'd like to go to the Middle East someday.
I once saw the Sahara, the Brazilian rain forest, and the Gulf of Mexico all in one week.

Choose between the and for each of the following questions.