Building vs. House Practice 1

a residential or commercial space with multiple unitsa single family dwelling
i.e. His office building has 25 floors.i.e. The standard picture of a house has a chimney.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of building or house. Pay close attention to whether it's singular or plural!

1. My brother and his family bought a last year.

2. My apartment is from before the war.

3. The manager is really nice.

4. The people in the next door have two kids.

5. He works in that huge over there.

6. Apartments are so expensive these days. Maybe we should buy a instead.

7. His uncle owns five apartment .

8. She has always dreamed of a with a white picket fence.

9. During university, I lived in a town with two other people.

10. That is being converted from a hospital to a hotel.