Lie vs. Lay Practice 1

means "to recline"
does not take an object
means "to put" or "to place"
requires an object
i.e. I need to lie down.i.e. Please lay you pencils down.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of lie or lay. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. Please the vase down very carefully.

2. I feel like down.

3. The cat in the sun all afternoon yesterday.

4. the money on the counter before you leave.

5. She dinner on the table before she left.

6. My husband enjoys in the hammock.

7. She feels dizzy today; she has had to down three times.

8. She down right now; can I take a message?

9. The letter on the table for several hours before anyone noticed it.

10. He gently the baby in the crib.