Lie vs. Lay Practice 2

means "to recline"
does not take an object
means "to put" or "to place"
requires an object
i.e. I need to lie down.i.e. Please lay you pencils down.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of lie or lay. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. Have you ever under a palm tree?

2. Did you the money on the table?

3. I think I'm going to down for a while.

4. on a soft bed isn't good for my back.

5. While I in the bathtub, the phone rang.

6. As I was getting ready to leave, my boyfriend the credit card bill on the table with a bang.

7. I'm tired of around; let's do something.

8. My dogs likes to in the kiddie pool when it's hot outside.

9. He had already the logs in the fireplace by the time she came home.

10. Look! The hen an egg!