Make vs. Do Practice 2

create, produce, bake,
build, construct, cook,
erect, manufacture, write
take action, complete
i.e. I made this myself.i.e. I did a lot of exercises yesterday.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of make or do. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. I don't like to speeches.

2. Which do you want, juice or pop? Please up your mind.

3. We have to a decision by tomorrow.

4. Please call the restaurant and a reservation for 8 pm.

5. When we go on vacation, my husband usually the travel arrangements.

6. How much money do you ?

7. When I was a kid, Sunday was the day to the housework.

8. I'd like to an appointment with Dr. Smith, please.

9. We don't have a washing machine, so we have to the laundry at the laundromat.

10. When Bob is in a rush in the morning, he doesn't his bed.