Make vs. Do Practice 5

create, produce, bake,
build, construct, cook,
erect, manufacture, write
take action, complete
i.e. I made this myself.i.e. I did a lot of exercises yesterday.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of make or do. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. He can 100 push-ups in one minute!

2. I'll let you the honours of saying grace.

3. He's faces at me!

4. Have a seat and yourselves at home.

5. If you want to any suggestions, we'd appreciate your input.

6. He always a good job.

7. Do you want your steak rare, medium or well-?

8. Go straight for the next two blocks and then a right on Clark Avenue.

9. In some cities it isn't so easy to new friends.

10. Don't such a fuss!