Say vs. Tell Practice 1

Say Tell
quotations, direct speech, and reported speech means "to order" or "to inform"
i.e. He said we should go outside. i.e. He told us to go outside
Special expressions with tell:
tell a story, tell a joke, tell the time,
tell the truth, tell a lie, tell the difference between,
tell apart, tell your fortune

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of say or tell. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. It was John who us the great gossip about Frank.

2. I I would do it.

3. me another one.

4. Yes, I that was the answer.

5. Daddy, please you'll me a story before I go to bed.

6. My child learned to time in grade one.

7. me your troubles; you'll feel better.

8. Ask me no questions and I'll you no lies.

9. Dr. and Mrs. McMurray they and their children were going to Spain this year.

10. He , "Don't ever a lie again."