Say vs. Tell Practice 2

quotations, direct speech, and reported speechmeans "to order" or "to inform"
i.e. He said we should go outside.i.e. He told us to go outside
Special expressions with tell:
tell a story, tell a joke, tell the time,
tell the truth, tell a lie, tell the difference between,
tell apart, tell your fortune

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of say or tell. Pay close attention to the verb tense!

1. I am looking forward to you about the business trip.

2. He , "Don't wait up for me."

3. He couldn't the difference between the two colours when I showed them to him.

4. Stop me to hurry up!

5. At every appointment the doctor me to eat less chocolate.

6. He the wrong punchline when he the joke, and nobody laughed.

7. Please me the answer.

8. What did you ?

9. Buck the children to get out of his way whenever he is moody.

10. Have I you lately that I love you?