Than vs. Then Practice 1

used when comparing thingsconjunctive adverb
used to introduce a subsequent action
i.e. I am older than you.i.e. I ate breakfast; then I went shopping.

Fill in the blanks using than or then.

1. Did you get more presents he did?

2. I went for a swim and I jogged down the coast.

3. I would rather read a book watch TV.

4. First Ted had a cup of tea. he worked on his novel.

5. His friend is coming for dinner. I'd better get some extra bread .

6. Arnold went to the bank the store.

7. This lightbulb is more energy efficient that one.

8. First I'll talk about taxes. I'll move on to politics.

9. Are you older that guy?

10. If you give me $5, I'll have enough to buy that T-shirt.