To vs. Too vs. Two Practice 1

used with infinitives
also used as a preposition
means also, as well, in addition
also used to express an extreme
refers to a quantity
i.e. I like to play soccer.
i.e. Let's go to the zoo.
i.e. I want some ice cream too.
i.e. I am too tired to dance.
i.e. I have two brothers.

Fill in the blanks using to, too, or two.

1. Can you tell me how get the theater?

2. Do you want one scoop or ?

3. I ate much pizza. I feel sick.

4. We're going to a movie. Do you want come ?

5. Louise bought cats last night.

6. I'm thinking of getting one .

7. I'm busy go anywhere.

8. Can the of us come ?

9. Would you like something drink?

10. We are going Paris .